Reasons to Watch ‘Because This Is My First Life’

Have you ran out of Korean dramas to watch?

We recommend you to watch tvN’s Because This Is My First Life, starring Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min. It’s a light romance drama you’ll surely love.

The drama aired every Monday and Tuesday, alongside Temperature of Love (that recently ended), 20th Century Boy and Girl, and Witch’s Court.

If you’ve loved Jung So Min in Playful Kiss and Father is Strange, we guarantee you will love her all the more. We give you more reasons why to watch this drama!

#1 Lee Min Ki’s small screen comeback

Image courtesy of tvN

If you’re new into the Kdrama world, you probably didn’t have the chance to meet this hottie because his last drama appearance was way back 2012 in Shut Up Flower Boy Band.

He was supposed to be in a drama with Shin Min Ah in Tomorrow With You, but because he got involved in an issue, he declined.

#2 The Cat AKA Kitty

Image courtesy of tvN

Believe it or not, this cat somehow plays a major role in this drama.

#3 Chemistry is no joke

The start of their relationship was very weird but of course, what do you expect? This is Kdrama world and everything is possible and somehow acceptable.

Ji Ho (Jung So Min) and Se Hee (Lee Min Ki) got married under a contract. What’s funnier is that they’ve saved each other’s name as ‘landlord’ and ‘tenant’ on their phones. Despite their awkward relationship with each other, you still can’t deny the chemistry they both have from the very beginning.

#4 The valuable friendship

In almost every Kdrama, friendship exists, and in this drama, another precious friendship has been born. Ho Rang (left) and Soo Ji (right) are whom Ji Ho refer as true friends since high school. Watching them makes you want to have your own circle of friends like them.


You’ve probably seen Park Byun Eun in Queen of Mystery as Profiler Woo. Putting his cold character aside, we have the light side of him as he plays Ma Sang Goo, the CEO of a dating app where Se Hee works.

You’d probably love him at the start of the drama already because of his joking personality. He’s not the typical CEO we see that has body guards around him and would do everything for money, but a loving CEO that takes care of his employees and most especially his woman.

BONUS! And this one definitely cannot be missed on the list.

#6 Mr. Dimples

You all probably know him as the cutie who sings well from I Can See Your Voice 4. Everyone in the show could not believe that this adorable man can sing well. Like, how can one be that charming and talented?!

In this drama, he plays as the co-worker of Ji Ho in a cafe. He also plays the new love interest that shock things up for Ji Ho and Se Hee.

After watching this drama, you’d surely want to fall in love again. We hope these reasons helped you! Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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