[RECOMMENDATION] 5 Reasons Why ‘Andante’ is an Engaging Coming-of-Age Teen Drama

Andante has aired 2 episodes in its KBS1 timeslot so far, and has already garnered the interest of netizens for its unique theme for a teen drama. Andante is the first full-length drama venture of K-POP star Kai (EXO) who is doing a pretty decent job as a typical troubled kid.

Character Poster-Andante

The cast consists of Kai who plays Lee Shi Kyung, Baek Chul Min as Park Ga Ram, Lee Ye Hyun as Lee Shi Young  (Shi Kyung’s sister) and Kim Jin Kyung as Kim Bom.

Three Main Protagonists (Park Ga Rum, Lee Shi Young & Lee Shi Kyung)

Here are the 5 best reasons why this drama should be given a try:

The Neighbourhood:

Due to a financial crisis, Shi Kyung & Shi Young who were living a modern life in Seoul are forced to move to a secluded neighborhood where their grandmother stays. With an embarrassing gesture, Shi Kyung’s mother repeatedly requests the grandmother to provide them with a shelter which ultimately she does.

The countryside depicted is an unfrequented hidden place where very few people live.

It is winter now that adds up to a mysterious black & white aura to the surrounding. The snow, cold & dead leaves are giving an unnatural character to this drama. In a way, the countryside is still beautiful.

A Place to Die For:

Folks here are repeatedly persuading the brother-sister duo that this is a ‘place to die for’, Literally.

People here speak of death as often as consuming food.

The school has an unusual class session to experience death by getting inside a coffin. The school believes that one should not shy away with this experience. Shi Kyung is amazed to see the funeral procession for the first time in his life. He questions that in a time where he should be playing games and enjoying the class by taking naps, he has to hear about deaths. He starts understanding the grief that one has to go through.

The Chemistry of Brother-Sister:

The school life becomes ten times more interesting when you have a sibling to accompany with you. Kai & Lee Ye Hyun are adorable together.

The brother-sister fights, arguments & teasings are worth watching.

On top of that, their mother’s nagging is another reason why this drama takes a funny turn. The family time together is a delightful watch.

Lee Shi Young’s sleeping moments are the best

A bored Lee Shi Kyung at his new home

Sleeping Beauty Lee Shi Young

The Secret Puzzle:

Two episodes down, we don’t know yet what this drama is all about. The introduction of characters & the setting has been smoothly monitored. However, the plot is yet to be discovered. The story of Shi Kyung’s love interest Kim Bom is also covered with the cloud of riddles.

To venture a guess, this drama could be heading to a  life teaching lesson for all the teenagers to value life and stop bullying.

Let us get our answers by watching this 16-episode drama.

Kim Jin Kyung as Kim Bom


Kai is one of the reasons that this drama has drawn the attention of so many young audiences. True to his charisma, he is doing a great job. His acting skills are something that should not be missed. The many emotions that he had to characterize are certainly paving way for his good drama career. Watch out for him.


Andante airs every Sunday on KBS1 and will run for 16 episodes.
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