[RECOMMENDATION] ‘The Beauty Inside’ shows us the meaning of true beauty

The Beauty Inside is actually based off the 2012 indie film with the same name.

The American movie, which was produced by Intel and Toshiba, featured the difficult life the main character (Alex) goes through. Alex is a man who wakes up every day in a different body, and the plot itself allowed several people participate in the making of the indie film.

Fans of the story would submit videos and photos through their Facebook timelines to Intel and Toshiba to be featured in the film. It was the first social film and it garnered over 70 million views.

It even won a daytime Emmy award!

The six-part film was comprised of big stars like Topher Grace and Matthew Gray Gubler. Due to its popular success on Facebook itself, YouTube distributed the six episodes as well.

Furthermore, Miguel was kind enough to take all six episodes and edit them together for fans of the film. Here is the video below if you would like to watch it before hearing about its 2015 Korean adaption.

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In 2015, director Baik saw the American Social film and automatically thought to recreate it and give it his own touch.

Unlike the original, the film is about 2 hours long and is structured as any regular film would be. The film follows a furniture designer who changes faces/bodies every morning he wakes up. Sometimes, he wakes up as an old man, others, an attractive female; the possibilities are endless and it creates a world of difficulty for him. Having a love interest seems like a far-away dream. However, our young Woo-Jin ends up finding the love of his life and that is where our story begins.

The movie is correctly titled as it spreads the message that what’s inside is what truly matters. And yet, we all know that first impressions are always based on appearance.

This is something that filmmakers everywhere are trying to debunk, and Baik has done an amazing job doing just that (this being his very first feature film). The Beauty Inside will leave you feeling touched and give you a heightened sense of life being too short.

And if that isn’t reason enough to watch it, the cast is amazing.

Han Hyo Joo (W: Two Worlds) is the female lead and our male lead appears as Park Shin Hye, Park Seo Jun, Kim Sang Ho, Lee Dong Wook and several other top Korean actors. With a cast this amazing, you’re assured it’s going to be a good movie.

The acting is great, the cinematography is flawless, and the romance is something that will leave your heart-fluttering.

Here is a clip from the film to get you started:

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