[RECOMMENDATION] ‘Duel’ unlocks a world you aren’t ready for

Many Korean dramas attempt the supernatural and the unnatural, and though we have the classic vampires or aliens, why not try a drama that will literally have you doing a double take because well there is two?

Cloning is an idea that is often tossed around, but Duel takes it to a whole new level.

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Here’s a main character, named Jang Deuk-Cheon, who treasures his work as a policeman-detective very seriously, but what he takes more seriously is the love he has for his daughter. She stands above everything else.

Deuk-Cheon’s world is flipped by none other than the boy Lee Sung-Hoon who looks so similar to Lee Sung-Joon. How will this twisted world add up? How will everything come to pass? Will someone’s quest for immortality overpower the love and people from his past?

When his daughter is mysteriously taken, he will stop at absolutely nothing to find her. Until he starts to recall details of her capture, he finally finds the man responsible whom at least he thinks he does. There stands a man (Sung-Hoon) who looks the same as the man he has in handcuffs right near him (Sung-Joon).

How is this possible?

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Searching for answers, searching for clues that unlock the past, Duel sets aside modern medicine, and unlocks a world no one in the present is ready for.

Besides the amazing plot which is a brilliant reason to love it, what people need to realize is we have rookie actor Yang Se-jong playing great characters you are yet to find out.

You may sit on the fence, because maybe action/thriller dramas aren’t really your forte, but this drama has something for everyone. Rookie actors deserve praise where praise is due, and this drama definitely allows Se-Jong all the praise he can get.

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