[RECOMMENDATION] Join the ‘Avengers Social Club’!

They say that revenge is a dish best served cold but the members of the ‘Avengers Social Club’ might beg to differ.

Meet the three middle-aged ladies from three different walks of life in tvN’s new drama as they come together to plot revenge against those who have wronged them the most.


Kim Jung Hye is the chaebol daughter of a giant construction firm who was given away in marriage which was more of a business contract. Unable to bear children, Jung Hye was under non-verbal pressure to be “worth” of her position. When lack of a male heir creates a competition between her husband and her brother-in-law, an unwelcome addition in the form a nineteen-year-old boy, her husband Lee Byung Soo sired with a woman before his marriage with Jung Hye was brought into the equation.

Under pressure to maintain an amiable facade of a “happy family”, she decides to take revenge against her husband and the entire family who had reduced her value to a “convenience”.

Lee Yo Won as Kim Jung Hye, the “chaebol” daughter

Hong Do Hee is a single mother of two and who works as a fish seller in the outdoor market. Strong and confident, she is admired and respected by her customers and the other sellers of the market for her genuine nature and optimism.

When her son is accused of hitting his “high society” classmate and is pressurized to pay compensation which was exorbitantly high, she decides to take revenge on those who think her to be weak and unworthy to live her life.

Ra Mi Ran as Hong Do Hee, the fish selling mother of two

Lee Mi Sook is a timid woman and wife of an aspiring politician. Although her family looks to be an ideal one from the outside, in reality, it is on the cusp of breaking apart. Subjected to the receiving end of her husband’s violent nature, Mi Sook tries to maintain peace for the sake of her daughter Baek Seo Yeon.

But when the situation reaches the tipping point, she decides to step up and take revenge against her husband of all the years of beatings he has meted on her.

Myung Se Bin as Lee Mi Sook, the timid wife

Lee Soo Gyum is the nineteen-year-old foster son of Kim Jung Hye who was suddenly brought into the family by Lee Byung Soo in order to earn favor from his father. Abandoned at childhood by his birth mother who priced money and luxuries more than her son, he wants to take revenge against his birth parents who now seek his help for their own gains.

Jun as Lee Soo Gyum, the wily to-be adult

The six episodes currently released are a healthy mix of comedy, drama and some good dose of schemes and results. Signing up veteran actresses like Lee Yo-Won, Ra Mi-Ran and Myung Se-Bin as the leads have elevated the drama to another different level. Their minute attention to detail breathes life into the characters as they come closer and cross the social barriers to lay the foundation of friendship and sisterhood. Even Jun as Lee Soo Gyum is perfectly compatible to the three actresses and it is difficult to realize that this is Jun’s first drama.

The members of the Avengers Social Club


Attention has been paid to character detailing and how each character is slowly learning from the others. Small mysteries like how Lee Mi-Sook’s son died and what the true agenda of Lee Byung Soo is keep the ball rolling. Every episode brings a new challenge for the ‘Avengers Social Club’ and you wouldn’t be able to prevent yourself from rooting for them. The development of the relationship between Jung Hye and Soo Gyum is indeed very beautiful to watch.

It is a good recommendation for those who are interested in watching a light, feel-good series with a touch of mystery and suspense.

Featured Image courtesy of tvN via koreandrama.org