[RECOMMENDATION] Last Minute Romance: A Fangirl’s Dream

‘Last Minute Romance’ is a web drama about a die-hard fan, Baek Se, who works at the lifeline telephone connected to the center of Han River Bridge.

The telephone is where several people plans to commit suicide at, and her job is to avoid them from pursuing it.

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One day, she was diagnosed with a terminal disease, and her desperation leads her to use all of her saved money to rent a guy who will play as her idol star.

There at the lifeline telephone call, she meets a guy who looks exactly like her idol star, Dong Joon. Dong Joon is then an aspiring actor who works at the theater. and who desperately wants to modify his face.

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The two made a deal and get the thing they want.

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Baek Se pays money for Dong Joon’s acting.

What will the situation lead them to?