[RECOMMENDATION] Check out this Kim Seul Gi’s Short, Lovely MBC Drama

Do you love Kim Seul Gi as an actress? Want to see more of her work? And searching up for something short to watch?

If yes, then we’ve got the drama for you. As you can probably guess from the featured photo, the main focus of this article is Queen of the Ring.

Queen of the Ring, 반지의 여왕


Image courtesy of MBC via asianwiki

It is a short 6-episode drama, with around 30 minutes per episode, from MBC. It is part of the 3 Color Fantasy Series. It stars Kim Seul Gi and Ahn Hyo Seop as the main leads.


These two have previously acted together in ‘Splash Splash Love’ which is also another drama we recommend to watch.


Kim Seul Gi takes on the role of Mo Nan Hee, while Ahn Hyo Seop plays Park Se Gun. Nan Hee is a smart and hardworking girl who succeeds in everything that she does but she doesn’t take care of her own appearance. Her only downside is that she doesn’t believe in herself and lacks confidence when it comes to the topic of her looks. Park Se Gun, on the other hand, is the ideally handsome and confident flower boy. His downside is that he is shallow and only dates girls based on their appearance. He is on a mission to find a girl who matches his ideal type and won’t settle for anything less than that.

One day, Nan Hee gets a magical ring that holds a family secret. This ring, if put on by a man, he will magically see her as his ideal type.

Image courtesy of MBC via mydramalist


Now onto the reasons why we highly recommend this web drama~

Kim Seul Gi is lovely to watch.

The first reason is Kim Seul Gi, need I say anymore? Kim Seul Gi is one of our favorite a

ctresses and she excels in any role that she is given. Her acting in this short drama doesn’t disappoint viewers either. You’ll fall in love with her character just as you have fallen for her in her other roles.

South Korea, are you listening to us? We need to see Kim Seul Gi as the main female lead in a 16 episode or longer drama since she is more than deserving to play a main female lead in any of the dramas aired on TV.

Can’t get enough of the leads’ chemistry!

The 2nd reason is the hot and sizzling chemistry between the two main leads. Maybe it’s because they both have acted together before and that makes it easier to show chemistry on-screen but these two have explosive chemistry.

After finishing this drama, you’ll probably ship these two together outside of the drama. Whom are we kidding? Kim Seul Gi has chemistry with every one of her male leading partners. The romance in this drama will have you melting in a puddle of feels. These two are too adorable for words.

An unforgettable lesson awaits you.

The third reason to watch this is the lessons we can learn from this drama. A certain lesson gives a valuable piece of advice that we think a lot of people will be able to relate to. We cannot tell you what the lesson is because that will spoil the drama but we are pretty sure you will figure it out after watching it and if you don’t, they’ll tell you at the end of this dram anyway.


There is a chance that you may suffer from Second Lead Syndrome in this drama. A lot of people did as well as many members on the Kdramabuzz Team.

Hopefully, we have convinced you enough to check out this drama or at least make you want to watch the trailer. If you have seen this drama, leave your comments down below as we would love to read them. What was your favorite part of the drama? What was your least favorite part? All opinions on this drama are welcome.

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