Three Color Fantasy: Sweet Go-To Mini Dramas

Three Color Fantasy is a joint production between MBC and Naver. It consists of three different mini dramas, each representing a different color. There are only six episodes in each drama, so if you want something sweet and short, but will still give you all the drama feels, these dramas are a definite go-to.

The Universe’s Star (White)

Image courtesy of MBC

‘The Universe’s Star’ stars Kim Jun-Myeon (also known as Suho of EXO) as Woo-Joo, a talented singer-songwriter and Ji Woo, who plays a grim reaper but is also a die-hard fan of Woo-Joo. When she finds out that Woo-Joo’s life is about to end, will she be able to protect him from his ill-fate?

*BONUS: This drama fulfills many fangirls’ fantasies!*

Romance Full of Life (Green)

Image courtesy of Dramabeans

‘Romance Full of Life’ stars Yoon Shi-yoon as So In-Sung and Cho Soo-Hyang as Wang So-Ra. In-Sung feels like a total loser after his break-up with So-Ra and having failed his police officer exam. Desperate for money, he accepts a medical test and suddenly gains super hero powers. Will his new powers help him get So-Ra back or will he be able to move on to a new relationship?

Queen of the Ring (Gold)

Image courtesy of MBC

‘Queen of the Ring’ stars Kim Seul-Gi as Mo Nan-Hee and Ahn Heo-Seop as Park Se-Gun. Nan-Hee has a huge crush on Se-Gun but she feels that she is not beautiful enough for him. With the help of her mom, Nan-Hee receives a magical ring that allows her lover to see her as his ideal type. Will Nan-Hee be able to keep this secret forever?


Splash Splash LOVE

Image courtesy of Dramabeans

‘Splash Splash LOVE’ is a two-episode drama that also stars Kim Seul-Gi as Jang Dan-Bi and Yoon Doo-Joon (also known as Doojoon of Highlight) as Lee Do. As Dan-Bi is preparing for the dreadful college entrance exam, she is suddenly transported to the Joseon Era. In order to survive, she dresses as a eunuch and her work leads her to become friends with the King Lee Do. As they become more than friends, will Dan-Bi decide to stay in the Joseon Era forever or will she leave her love and return to the present?


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