[RECOMMENDATION] Voice: A Different Kind of Chill

One call can change everything – be saved or be killed.

Voice is a Korean drama in cable network OCN full of never ending chase for a serial killer who took the lives of Moo Jin Hyuk’s (Jang Hyuk) wife and Kang Kwon Joo’s (Lee Ha Na) father.

This case placed the 112 Emergency Call Center in hot water because of disappointing results. Moreover, Kwon Joo became a witness for the trial of Jin Hyuk’s wife since she was the one who answered the emergency call.

When the trial started, Kwon Joo realized that the man in trial was not the one whom she heard in the call. She insisted that it was not him causing for Jin Hyuk to question her credibility for being a witness. When the recording started to play, she said that there’s still the part that the culprit spoke. The case ended with the man being guilty.

Three years later, still not convinced from the result of his father’s case, Kwon Joo improved her voice profiling skills in America. Now, back in Korea, she’s determined to catch the real culprit by reforming the 112 Emergency Call Center through Golden Time Team which caused her boss to doubt if it will work.

But the doubt fades away when Kwon Joo solved a case with Jin Hyuk. Golden Time Team was established composing of junior detective Shim Dae Shik (Baek Sung Hyun), IT specialist Oh Hyun Ho (Yesung) and language specialist Park Eun Soo (Son Eun So).

Collectively, they chased different kinds of bad guys – from creepy stalkers to serial murderers. Every episode will make your heart stop and will leave you hanging every time it ends. And when Kwon Joo hears that voice, she knew that he was the one – the one who killed her father and Jin Hyuk’s wife. She and Jin Hyuk knew that the chase for true justice begins.

Aside from that, great acting was noticed from a handsome and rich heir Mo Tae Goo (Kim Jae Wook). But this proved that there’s more than just a pretty face and everyone has a dark side. In Tae Goo’s case, his story was told how he became that way.

Now, it’s for you to find out what his role in the drama is – if you’re brave enough.

Just a piece of advice- this drama is not for the faint-hearted. It requires courage to overcome every episode and a strong stomach to intake those gruesome parts.

Fast-paced and breath-taking scenes will put you on the edge of your seat or will make you sleepless in bed like what a real suspense thriller does.