Which Reel Life Couple from ‘Reply’ Series Is the Crazy Yet Inspiring?

The care and love of a family is the biggest gift we receive because no one will love you as your family does, especially your parents.They are the couple who completes each other, and there are so many KDrama couples who are truly inspirational.

When it comes to discussion on family-themed dramas, the first strike goes to the globally-loved “Reply” series.

Reply Family Kdrama couple 's

Reply Family [P.C]: Allkpop , DinoseoulLivedoor ; Edited by Kdramabuzz writer, yours truly

The three components of the Reply Series so far, i.e. Reply 1997, Reply 1994 and Reply 1988, shares the similar baseline with their own uniqueness. It is not a typical KDrama with chaebol families or villians. Here’s the story of simple people, young and old, living their lives.

These dramas show how love and friendship are intertwined most of the times, and how friendship sometimes become a barrier in some relationships. It reciprocates family importance and the friends too.The Series will make you nostalgic with the real struggles,  family quarrels,  friendship and the development of romantic relationships, and would leave us guessing “who-is-the-husband?”.

This will take us to the times where people evidently treat their neighbors like family and have faith in one another. You’ll end up with at least one character to empathize with, and you’ll love and cry for all of them.

Definitely a drama that is worth a thousand smiles and countless tears.
The real charm of the this series is the “crazy couple“.

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Reply Crazy Couple
  • They showcased the amazing chemistry of married couples for years.
  • The constant curses, quarrels, and comical screaming fights are very entertaining.
  • Heart wrenching sacrifices
  • Unconditional support for their children
  • Dynamics between a child and father
  • Love and support for each other
  • They are true admirers in every aspect.
  • Hilarious yet romantic
  • Face family hardships together

Get some inspiring and life lessons from this couple.

“Adults keep it bottled up, adults feel pain too. They were too busy being adults and acted strong because of the pressure that came with their age.”

A ” Reply ” Series is not a ” Reply ” without this couple.

Can you Guess this couple?

Replay couple Kdrama couple

Crazy Kdrama couple : Edited by Kdramabuzz writer, yours truly

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