[Review] Go Back Couple: the Nostalgic Return of Time

Have you ever wanted to turn back the time? Change the past or alter it?

Go Back Couple (AKA Go Back Spouses) is a unique story of a married couple in a stage of divorce. They then travel back in time – going back to their youth in College era.

It highlights the dominant struggles of a married life, being a husband/wife and son/daughter. Moreover, it has a blend of bitterness and sweetness as each character grows.

The drama is a mimesis of the day-to-day life, how often we tend to yield back – regretting for the choices made and what if’s in life. It stresses on the fact that marriage is not simply a happy ending as what we presume could be. Rather it is a starting point, a new beginning of both individuals from different races chained as one. For better or for worst, till death do they part?

Indeed, it has series of lessons to look forward to depending on how it touched the viewers’ lives: sending an aura of good vibes as we look back to past and face the future ahead of us; thus,..

..Go Back Couple invites us to explore the other side of marriage, and dig deeper to the meaning of family, adulthood and love.

Let us boil down to the main characters.

Choi Ban Do is a 38-year-old married man who does everything for his clients almost 24/7 that he has neglected his wife and their child. He is a great time traveler because for such time, he develops respect and affection towards his wife. Another admirable thing about him is being matured enough throughout the whole time travel.

Ma Jin Joo is a housewife with a toddler to look after. She was troubled of losing her mother without saying goodbye, blaming her husband for it. But in the end, her fighting spirit was lifted when she travels back in time, doing all the things she’d wished to do with her mother. Above all, she shows too much affection and love for her child as what every mother does, as well as to her husband during the range of their travel.

Each character of the drama taught us something worth checking. It mirrors the other side of us, which is often regretful but then, understanding is a key to a better life. We have our own shortcomings but what is essential is we learn to accept it.

“You can live without your parents but you cannot live without your child.”

-Mom of Ma Jin Joo

Featured Image courtesy of dramabeans