[REVIEW] Lee Taemin’s MOVES Leave Us THIRSTY for More

As we all know, Lee Taemin recently came out with his 2nd solo album and left fans everywhere crying, yelling, and cheering at the same time.

The style appears to be extremely different from his previous album, yet we can see the slight connection between them. It appears that Taemin was moving towards a sensual and romantic type of music from the very beginning of his solo career; this just happens to be his solo career’s peak in the genre of sensual music (so far). Furthermore, his comeback stages were equally as sensual and did not disappoint. His two comeback stages simply left us thirsty for more of those sweet and sensual moves.

Let’s start with the comeback stage he presented for his solo album’s title track (MOVE):

As we can see, the set-up of this stage alludes to the inside of a bedroom; the pink and white sheer lighted drapes clearly allude to bedsheets placed sporadically in a room. Furthermore, the strategically placed TVs give the stage a homey and comfy atmosphere. This, in turn, makes us feel like we are on a more intimate level with Taemin. In contradiction, the calculated random placement of props causes viewers to feel a sense of internal chaos as they watch him perform.

In other words, the stage is in complete sync with the lyrics of the song. For example, the lyrics “you can let yourself go, but you can’t escape from me right now” (나를 놔버려도돼, 나를 벗어나진 못해) clearly depict a man who is trying his best to be romantic but is thirsty for a certain sensual activity. The gaze that Taemin gives the camera along with his sensual moves also carry this message underneath them. He gazes at the camera with what seems to be a desire for a night of passion and heat.

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Additionally, the song’s choreography is a sensually feminine one. This holds a higher advantage for Taemin because his overall facial structure, style, and voice are extremely feminine. Ironically, because Taemin is characterized as a feminine man, such styles cause him to appear the manliest of all. Of course, this leaves every single fan watching, dreading the moment that is the end of the comeback stage. Luckily, it isn’t the end yet; Lee Taemin has one more comeback stage left for us to see.

Here is Taemin’s second comeback stage to another track on his album (Thirsty):

This comeback stage, much like the other, features various hues of the colors of passion. The pink, red, orange, purple, and black-lit stage give us the illusion that we are about to get real intimate with Taemin real fast. Also like “MOVE”, the lyrics of “Thirsty” depict Taemin as a man full of lust in his eyes (I’m thirsty Ah ah. Wanna just take a sip of your lips. I’m thirsty / 갈증이 나 Ah ah. 한 모금만 네 입을 훔쳐보고픈. 난 목이 타).

His wardrobe for this comeback stage also does a huge service in helping him appear hungry for passion. His shirt appears as if will slide off in just one move; it is strategically ripped in places that makes viewers think of lustful thoughts. His gaze and sensual moves make us scream in delight just a little bit, much like they did in “MOVE”. To top that, towards the end of this comeback stage, some cheerleader-like movements and tosses are featured. This then leads to a different kind of dance style, a style which Taemin also does an amazing job at dominating. The cheerleader-like lift and catch lead into a sensual and masculine combination done lying on the cold stage. The suggestive pelvic thrusts done on the holographic square on the stage makes it seem like Taemin is on a bed. And yet, the comeback stage comes to an end with all the dancers collapsing on the floor because they have not succeeded in quenching their thirst for passion.

Overall, Lee Taemin did an amazing job with his comeback stages and has once again proven that he is a king of Kpop. Hence, fangirls shouldn’t be worrying about anything; Lee Taemin is still making waves in the kpop industry and he isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

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