[REVIEW] Multi-Awarded ‘Doctors’ Is Worth the Hype

It’s almost been a year since ‘Doctors’ AKA ‘Doctor Crush’ aired on SBS. It is a medical drama with romance in the background. When it comes to making medical dramas, we all know how the KDrama world produces them in excellent quality.

‘Doctors’ had an average of about 18.40% audience rating, making it a complete hit. It came to be popular amongst both the Korean audience as well as the international fans, and came to be termed as one of the best Korean medical dramas ever made.

But what made ‘Doctors’ so popular? Was it really worth the hype?

Kdramabuzz presents before you an honest review of this much-loved show.



The Cast

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There couldn’t have been a better choice for the roles than our leads Park Shin Hye, Kim Rae Won, Lee Sung Kyung and Yoon Gyun Sang.  They have completely justified their roles in the best possible way.

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Our special words of mentioning go to the leading lady Park Shin Hye who plays the role of Yoo Hye Jung, a successful neurosurgeon who had a really hard time through her adolescence. Her situations made her stronger and she was ever ready to fight for what is right. The opening scene of the show starts with Hye Jung, fighting off a gang of goons in the hospital who was trying to create a ruckus, in a bad-ass way…

…and that’s when you know that Park Shin Hye is going to totally rock this role.

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We loved the way the drama portrayed the transformation of her looks. From the black straight schoolgirl hairstyle in her teens to long, brown and beautiful wavy hair in her twenties, Park Shin Hye was a beauty to watch on screen.

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Kim Rae Won is ideal as Dr. Hong Ji Hong, a charismatic neurosurgeon who was adopted when he was a teen. He is generally easy going and loves to enjoy his life, but when it comes to his sorrows, he wouldn’t let the world know about it and would silently endure them. Kim Rae Won beautifully portrayed the emotions. He brought Hong Ji Hong to life.

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Lee Sung Kyung and Yoon Gyun Sang played the roles of Jin Seo Woo and Jung Yoon Do respectively, fellow neurosurgeons at the hospital where Yoo Hye Jung (Park Shin Hye) and Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won) work.

Jin Seo Woo goes a long way back with Yoo Hye Jung, and she has her own story. Although Jung Yoon Do could have been written better, actor Yoon Gyun Sang was totally adorable as Yoon Do and he had a great comic timing.

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The other notable supporting leads such as Moon Ji In, Yoo Da In, Eom Hyo Seop, Jung Hyun Sang also played their roles very well.  We also had guest appearance by Jisoo, and cameo by Nam Gung Min who gave extra points to the show.


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Like most medical-romance dramas, ‘Doctors’ showed a hospital and the lives of the doctors working at it. However, the story gets extra marks due to the level of detailing that they have tried to show. The makers of the show picked neurosurgery as the backbone of the show, and we think that they have done pretty much justice to it.

They have tried to a show a variety of surgeries including a live surgery done on a female athlete, where the patient is conscious while undergoing the surgery (episode 8). They have also tried to explain most of the medical terms used in the show, so that it might be simplified to the audience. You might actually end up learning one or two things about neurosurgery!

At the end of each episode, the drama strived to give us a lesson for everyday life. They also tried unveiling the lives of the patients, how patients belonging to different classes of the society have to think about so much before getting treated in a private hospital.

Each of the doctors had a different story to tell from the heiress who wanted none of it to the doctor who fought every day to make her place in the hospital to the doctor who wanted to live for the comeback of his brother from the military to the doctor who fell in love with his best friend and yet, has to see her crying for another guy. This show has got it all. It is no less than a roller coaster ride full of emotions.

The romance

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We seriously believe that the two leads, Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won, had complemented each other pretty well on screen. Age is barely a factor when it comes to love, and that is what this couple’s love story teaches us. They had a notable age difference, yet they understood each other’s world pretty well. They gave each other their own personal space and respected each other’s decision. Even though they had a pretty well-maintained sophisticated relationship, they had their own clichéd romantic moments.

A lot of chemistry could also be noticed between them. Kim Rae Won is a perfect kisser; we give a 10/10 for the kisses! Their relationship can be a perfect example of maturity and romance being balanced together. We hardly saw them having any silly fight like most couples usually have! There is a lot to learn from their relationship.

The original soundtrack & background score

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The OST as well as the background score plays a very vital role in increasing the intensity of a scene. A sad heartbreaking song playing in the background during an emotional scene can make us cry, while a cheerful music playing during an amusing moment can make us laugh even more.

We relate ourselves with the show or the casts, and we even fall in love with the songs of the shows every time. ‘Doctors’ have not upset us in this area as well.

The OSTs included some really poignant and melodious songs sung by a variety of talented artists. The background score was up to the mark and was successful in maintaining the intensity of a scene.

Our favorites in the OST include That’s Love by Jung Yup (Brown Eyed Soul), No Way by Park Yong In & Kwon Sun Il, and Sunflower by Younha.


The final verdict

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Well, there is always room for improvement and nothing is ever perfect but this show was almost perfect. Maybe a little of here and there improvements, which can be completely neglected due to the huge amount of good points that this show held.

Park Shin Hye won the top excellence award in SBS drama Awards 2016 and best actress award in 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards. Kim Rae Won bagged the top excellence award in SBS Drama Awards as well, while the show won the outstanding Korean drama award in Seoul International Drama Awards 2017. We believe they were truly well-deserving.

The Kdramabuzz Team would like to rate this show a 4.5/5

Did you also like the show? Does it make to your list of most favorite medical dramas? Let us know in the comments below!