Romantic Umbrella Moments to Cuddle on Rainy Days

Without rain, nothing grows up… so learn to love and be loved

Umbrella Love

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Here are 5 KDramas that will set everyone on fire even on monsoon days.


Producer came up with new and original concept, which showed a lot of potential with an amazing cast led by IU, Kim Soo Hyun, Cha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin.

This drama is probably the most authentic depiction of the industry in South Korea and this is what will keep everyone hook up. It’s more about being a PD, and the relationships, as well as challenges that come along with it even though it started with one-sided love and slowly advances to love square.

One of the best part is the “Umbrella couple”. IU addresses Kim Soo Hyun as “Umbrella man” as he was there to offer her an umbrella when her pop star character was alone and worried about getting drenched. His disinterest provoked her interest and then it all started.

To the person who became my umbrella when I was standing alone in the rain,I want to say “thank you”.Because of him,it was very warm. ~Cindy

Edited by Kdramabuzz writer, yours truly

Missing you

This drama is all about how tragedy is used as a base instead of some random, bang-up scenario. The story depicts from childhood where an unexpected accident occurs and Soon Yeon & Jung Woo got separated and meet as an adult through destiny.

Being a child shares lot of memories in which one of them is yellow umbrella which she saved.

Everyone thinks his love has died but he was sure that she was somewhere safe and would come back.

Just one person is all you need ~Lee Seo Yeon


Edited by Kdramabuzz writer, yours truly

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The Best Hit

This unpredictable drama is fun like no other. This will make everyone felt nostalgic about 90’s style. It’s a journey about an ex-idol (Shi-yoon) who learns about life through his family in the future. He learns to be a responsible adult eventually and ends up entangled with Kim Min Jae’s Lee Ji Hoon and his best friend Choi Woo Seung, played by Lee Se Young.

Yoon Shi Yoon really brings the whole fish out of the water concept, while still embodying the kind of confidence one would expect from a (former) top star.

The Best Hit

Edited by Kdramabuzz writer, yours truly

Will he just embrace her or give a passionate kiss under the Umbrella?
Be prepared for some second lead syndrome.

The Start of being with one person is the End of being with another person

Splash Splash Love

A high school student named Dan Bi has a special power which allows her to transport to anywhere on rainy days. Once unable to deal her pressure, she finds herself transported to the Joseon period.

She then falls in love with Lee Do, the young king. Doo joon (from boy group Highlight) faces drought issues. His acting was on spot. The two episodes went really fast, but the romance is so worth watching! It will give you flutters and leave you with a warm feeling.

Witness the unification of the lovesr. Kim Seul Gi and Yoon Doo Joon were made for the cutest couple ever in this KDrama special.

Splash Splash Love

Edited by Kdramabuzz writer, yours truly

The beauty of when the guy or girl of our dreams shows up with an umbrella exactly when we need it.

Rain & Romance are well blended.

One day, I will find you no matter how long time may pass …

~King Lee Do

Love Rain

A romantic drama in a true sense. A ‘masterpiece’ of Jang Geun Suk.

Suh In Ha falls in love at first sight with Kim Yoon Hee. The main casts from the past had a very sweet and cute chemistry that will make us watch all over again.

Due to some circumstances, they depart but there is something else in their destiny. This drama revolves around relationships. Fast-forward to the present days where In Ha’s son Suh Joon meets and falls in love with Ha Na, Kim Yoon Hee’s daughter.

The children are completely different from their parents in personality, but fate pulls them together. The younger set of characters has a great

scene staring intensely at each other under the shelter of their umbrella.


Love Rain

Edited by Kdramabuzz writer, yours truly

Do the veterans have the same feeling for each other? Watch out for such pure love.


From the moment I first saw you, my scenery has been you…

~ In Ha

Sometimes, life just calls for an umbrella, so go and grab your umbrella….

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