What Sets KDramas Apart? Here’s a list.

There’s no doubt that KDrama has influenced, and will continue to influence globally.

But for others who are still not into KDramas ask “Why should I watch KDrama?”, and “What is unique about it?”.

Want to know why countless people have becoming enthusiasts of KDramas?

Here are some bits of reasons why.

ONLY KDrama has a handsome Goblin,

..and he is none other than the Asian superstar Gong Yoo whom you might have heard of so much.


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ONLY in KDrama as well do you find..

..such good-looking angels of death (Grim Reaper) or ‘Scheduler’, as seen in ’49 Days’.

Grim Repear

ONLY in KDramas exists

..a way to summon a certain Goblin–a really handsome one

In contrast to fairytales we encountered in our childhood,

..ONLY in KDrama do you see a Cinderella with her four princes (Cinderella and the 4 Knights)~

One more thing you ONLY witness in a KDrama..

..is a lovely lady who has 7 princes, not dwarfs. (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)

ONLY KDrama..

..has this vibe oozing with coolness and handsomeness evident in the “Army Battalion” (Descendants of the Sun).

Another ‘ONLY in KDramas’ thing..

..is a cute little peanut who is as powerful as Wonder Woman. (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon)


..has such an appealing “con artist” that you want to be conned (Legend of the Blue Sea).

ONLY KDrama as well..

..has an alien that can be a super model. (My Love From Another Star)

ONLY in KDrama..

..do you meet such a cool cutiepie as the CEO. (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon)

ONLY in KDrama do you find..

..such an awesome swimmer (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)

ONLY KDrama..

..shows sooooo many doctors who seem not stressed with their profession (Doctor Stranger; Doctors; Hospital Ship; Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim)

One more thing ONLY KDrama has..

..is a comic character you wish you had. (W-Two World)

ONLY in KDrama

..do you meet villains you can’t really get mad at. (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, While You Were Sleeping etc)

ONLY KDramas as well..

..have such handsome police officers with great enthusiasm. (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, While You Were Sleeping etc)

ONLY KDrama has a loooot of #Goals.

–from #RelationshipGoals to #SiblingGoals to #FriendshipGoals!

ONLY KDrama can give..

..a really jelly BROMANCE.

Something very common, but ONLY KDramas..

..can make you fall so hard for the 2nd Lead.

ONLY in KDramas..

..do flower boy retaurants and cafes appear, and you want to eat at.

There’s a lot more things that ONLY KDrama can offer, that’s why more and more people are getting attracted, and addicted like some sort of drugs to it, and some are just getting started.

So are you getting curious amd curious now? Try to watch one and you’ll surely be!



ONLY KDrama has an X that you want to be YOUR NEXT