Song Joong Ki’s Father Talks About His Son’s Upcoming Marriage To Song Hye Kyo

Song Joong Ki‘s wedding announcement with Decendant’s of the Sun co-actor Song Hye Kyo shocked every body. It been revealed that the two dated long ago.

Fans and supporters already show their support for the upcoming wedding and friends/colleague who knows the two share their thoughts.

In an interview last July 11 , Song Joong Ki’s father finally speak as he share how Song Joong Ki is at home , he said

” He still visits every now and then and even brings over his friends. His close friend Lee Kwang Soo frequently comes over. There was also a time when Song Hye KyoJin Goo, and Kim Ji Won slept over because the filming location of “Descendants of the Sun” was close to our home.”

He also share his thoughts about the upcoming wedding of the actor.

“Song Joong Ki is at the best age to get married so I’m glad he’s engaged. As parents, we’ve decided to respect our son’s decision. People were saying I was against their marriage, but that’s a misunderstanding,” he said.

“Now that my son will be having a stable family after marriage, I hope he works even harder to become an actor who can also be responsible for his household. I think my son will be able to achieve that,” he added as he expressed his want to have grandchildren to the actor.