Stardom Hits People’s New Fave: Yoo Seung Ho

Viewers have been giving much attention to none other than Yoo Seung Ho!



Yoo Seung Ho kick-started with childhood hits:

Yoo Seung Ho rose to fame as a child actor in The Way Home (2002). He was labeled as the “Nation’s Little Brother”  after this low-budget film became a box office hit. He played the role of a city boy who learns to appreciate country life when he’s forced to spend the summer with his deaf-mute grandmother.

Yoo Seung ho

The Way Home : Movie (2002)

In the television drama Daddy Fish, Yoo Seung Ho portrays a child with leukemia in hospital.

Yoo Seung ho

Daddy Fish:Drama (2000)

Killed it in his teens:

4th Period Mystery released internationally as The Clue. It is a 2009 South Korean thriller film starring Yoo Seung-ho and Kang So-Ra. It is about High School guys finding the killer of their classmate before the next class starts in just 40 minutes.

Yoo Seung ho

 4th Period Mystery : Movie (2009)

Yoo got trained in swordplay and martial arts for his role as an assassin in Warrior Baek Dong-soo, an action-period drama.
Set in the Joseon Dynasty during King Jeongjo’s reign, this martial arts and Sageuk fusion are centered around the events involving a Crown Prince conspiracy.

Yoo Seung ho

Yoo Seung ho

Warrior Baek Dong-soo

Warrior Baek Dong-soo :Drama(2011)

In the melodrama Missing You, he played the role of a cold man (Kang Hyung Joon/ Harry Borrison ) who hides a vengeance-filled heart behind his seemingly gentle smile. He is handled as one of the best antagonist characters.


Yoo Seung ho

Missing You:Drama (2012)

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Currently busy with stealing heart of young women:

Yoo Seung Ho ‘s adorable new drama I’m Not a Robot has made its entry into the current Top 10 Dramas and retained the number 1 position. In the series he is a Chaebol (Kim Min Kyu) who is allergic to people. He is a real heartthrob with his cuteness.

Yoo Seung ho

I am Not A Robot :Drama(2017)

Eagerly waiting for his upcoming romantic melodrama I am Love pairing up with Kim So Hyun~

Technically, they worked together before in Missing You, where Kim So Hyun was a supporting role as the younger version of the lead and  Seung Ho played one of the main roles. They met again in Ruler: Master of the Mask and reunited for I am Love.

Are you ready for this romantic roller coaster? The drama will air on January 31, 2018.

I am Love:Drama(2018)

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