Suga effortlessly slams BTS’ lip sync issue

Suga effortlessly slams their 'lip sync' issue

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We can’t deny the fact that Bangtan Sonyeondan, commonly known as BTS, is one of the today’s artists who have been receiving the most attention from the public. They have been winning various awards like BBMA, performing at the AMA, and having their own collaborations with American artists as well.

Despite their achievements, there are still some people who go against their abilities. Many issues arise alongside their popularity. The hottest topic is their lip sync issue in which people are claiming that BTS is not actually singing in their live performances.

Suga effortlessly slams their 'lip sync' issue

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BTS member Min Yoongi, known as Suga, effortlessly shut down their lip syncing issue with their performance in SBS Gayo last December 25, 2017.

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While performing their record-breaking track ‘Mic Drop’, Suga suddenly put down his mic without finishing his part and just smile meaningfully to the camera which leaves the audience wondering what could be the meaning of it.

Suga effortlessly slams their 'lip sync' issue

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ARMYs believe that this is Bangtan’s way of dealing with their issues.

Checkout the video below and tell us what you think!

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