Surprising actor group ‘5urprise’ with their uniqueness

A brand-new concept of idol groups was introduced through this 5urprise (Surprise). It is the first ever South Korean actors’ group that has 5 members under Fantagio Entertainment in 2013.

Unlike idol groups which begin their careers as singers and later expand their endeavors to acting, 5urprise really surprised us by opting an opposite direction. It is a group made up of actors.


Members are Seo Kang Joon, Lee Tae Hwan, Yoo Il, Gong Myung, and Kang Tae Oh.These rookie actors have undergone training for two years in singing and dancing as well.


5urprise in After School: Lucky or Not

This 90s liner and tall guys group made their acting debut in “After School: Lucky or Not“, a 12-episode drama of about 15 minutes each. 5urprise released the single “Hey U Come On” for the mobile drama’s soundtrac,k and released their first single in 2014, titled From My Heart.

“My surprise is a new group of actors who are different from the existing idol group[S]. Each individual has come to his debut through audiences and training sessions with high-quality actors, and he is the most basic actor In addition to acting skills, it is made up of solid new talents with various abilities such as dancing and singing. ~Fantagio.

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5urprise Members:

Seo Kang-joon (Lee Seung Hwan): vocalist, leader and face of the group

Seo Kang-joon 5urpriseSeo Kang-joon 5urprise

Acted in : Entourage (2016), Entertainer (2016 – ep.7), Cheese in the Trap (2016), Hwajung (2015), What Happens to My Family?(2014-2015), Cunning Single Lady (2014), The Suspicious Housekeeper ( 2013), Good Doctor (2013 – ep.12), Are You Human Too? (2017)

Yoo-Il (Park Sang-Il): main vocalist

Yoo-Il 5urpriseYoo-Il 5urprise

Acted in :Monster (2016), You Will Love Me (2015), To Be Continued (2015).

Gong Myung (Kim Donghyun): vocalist

Gong Myung 5urprise

Gong Myung 5urpriseGong Myung 5urprise

Acted in :Drinking Solo (2016), Entertainer (2016), Beautiful You (2015-2016) Hwajung (2015), Bride of the Water God (2017), Revolutionary Love (2017).

Kang Tae-oh (Kim Yoonhwan): vocalist

Kang Tae-oh 5urpriseKang Tae-oh 5urprise

Acted in : You Are Too Much (2017), The Dearest Lady (2015-2016), Second Time Twenty Years Old (2015), Flower of the Queen (2015), Miss Korea (2013-2014).

Lee Tae-hwan: vocalist, maknae

Lee Tae-hwan 5urprise

 Lee Tae-hwan 5urprise

Acted in :Father, I’ll Take Care of You (2016), W (2016), Come Back Mister (2016), Hwajung (2015), Pride and Prejudice (2014-2015), King of High School Life Conduct (2014), My Golden Life (2017).

How far you started liking this group? Did any of them made an entry in your bias list?

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