Step Into These KDrama Brides’ Shoes, and Fall In Love

Check out these brides who fought against all the odds for our oppas. If you are lucky enough to get a second chance, then whose bride will you want to be?

Bride of the Century:

bride of the century

Bride of the century: TV Chosun

Choi family were under a curse for hundred years that the first bride of the eldest son will always die. Chaebol of largest conglomerate, Kang joo (of course, the eldest one), who seems to be cold and rude, falls for the odd doo rim. This cute guy portrays toughness outside but actually has a loving persona. He is someone who’s willing to sacrifice his everything for his loved ones. On the other hand, Yan Jin Sung’s acting as the doppelganger is commendable.

Check out how the cute pair deals with the cruel consequences and the typical mother-in-law schemes. Here’s an amazingly mysterious story where all mysteries were unfolded perfectly with a touch of supernatural.

 Tomorrow With You:


Tomorrow with You

Tomorrow with You: soompi

A successful CEO of real estate, Yoo So Joon has the ability to travel through time when he takes the subway. He sees that his future is looking tough, and so marries a failed actress as “bap soon” but a cheery  photographer to solve.

He madly falls for her and undergoes a lot of struggle to save her and try to change what was estimated for them. It is unlike a routine kdrama where lead gets married in the early episodes.
This lovey-dovey couple showed an electrifying chemistry which is initially a “forced” relationship but grows deeper and becomes more believable as time passes. His travels back and forth in time trying to fix things and change the future for better was interesting.

Living in the  present and enjoying life’s up and down is the actual concept. Ones fate can’t be avoided. Can Ma Rin help So Joon change his unhappy future or will she makes it to worse?

Gu family book:

Gu Family Book

Gu Family Book

A historic drama featuring half-human & half-mythical creature Kang Chi who struggles in order to live the normal life of a human. He is the son of Wol Ryung (gumiho) and Seo Hwa (human). He is pure, righteous, and courageous. Kang Chi’s goal was to find Gu family Book. In this journey, he faces many tragic moments for the people he loves.

A Buddhist monk warns Yeo Wool (Suzy) to avoid meeting someone under the peach tree when there is a crescent. Knowingly, she falls for Kang Chi. Yeo wool did a mistake by not taking the warning seriously? Were they meant to be together?

Witness the drama to know what awaits Yeo Wool.



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Goblin (tvN Goblin’s official Facebook/File)

Goblin or Kim Shin must search for a human bride, who was meant to be his bride–the only person capable to pull the sword from his chest and make him turn into ashes in order to end his immortality. He finally meets Eun, Tak an optimistic girl who ends up falling in love with him, while a Grim Reaper who can’t remember his past ends up with the lovely owner of a chicken restaurant.

Chemistry of both couples is so intense, sweet yet tragic that will make your heart flutter and ache. But concept of reincarnation unfolds the twists. This drama would leave everyone with a melancholic feeling.

The cinematography, music, and actors were #Daebak. One of its OSTs, “Stay With Me” is purely a bliss. The drama has everything, ranging from bromance to romance, as well as mystery to suspense.

Bride of Habaek:

bride of Habaek

bride of Habaek :viu

Water God Habaek visits earth to find the magical stone powerful enough to claim his throne.
A psychiatrist So Ah , whose family is fated to serve Water God for generations is a destined bride of Habaek. He seeks out for her help as he loses all his power as soon as he lands on earth. They madly fall in love even though they are aware of the fact that one day, Habaek needs to go back to his world, and that their love is forbidden. Wind God Bi Ryum, the Water Goddess Mu Ra (Krystal), and a hotel CEO (half-demon) complicates things between Habaek and So Ah.


On-screen romance is purely bliss especially the ‘staircase-kiss’. Mu Ra was supposed to be hated, but her growing relationship with Biryeom stole many hearts. This drama would take you all on an emotional ride.



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