[FLASHBACK] 5 Amazing Kdramas That Aired 10 Years Ago

Its already 2018! Crazy when you think about it, right? 2017 passed really fast and blessed us with great Kdramas such as Goblin, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

To celebrate the new year, we will take you down a memory lane and show you five well-received dramas that are turning 10 years old this year!

Last Scandal

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When a grown-up woman, played by Choi Jin Shil, meets her teenage crush, played by Jung Joon Ho, while being at the lowest of point of her life, long lost feelings starts to bloom once again. With 16 episodes and a nationwide rating of 15.2%, you guys should definitely watch or re-watch this drama this year!

Beethoven Virus

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The three actors Kim Myung Min, Lee Ji Ah and Jang Keun Suk all play classical musicians that are connected by one thing: the pursuit of music in their lives. But soon, a love triangle forms and things get more difficult than expected. This drama has 18 episodes and a must-watch for everyone who loves music and love triangles!


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This drama focuses, as the title suggests, on a cooking battle between two brothers and their journey to live as a happy family while being rivals at the same time! With a nationwide rating of 20.3%, many Koreans were keen on seeing how their rather unfortunate destiny would turn out!

Golden Bride

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Rivalry, as in many dramas, is a central theme in Golden Bride as well. While fighting cultural differences between Korean and Vietnam heritages, finding the meaning of family, and overcoming prejudices, this drama was able to grab the viewers’ attention and achieved a nationwide rating of 20.7%. And we can guarantee: even though this drama is 10 years old already, it will keep you on the edge of your seat even today!

East of Eden

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This drama has the impressive amount of 56 episodes and a nationwide ranking of 24.8%. Song Seung Hun, Jun Jung Hoon and Park Hae Jin play the three male main characters. All three of them get tangled up in a story of revenge, brotherhood and switched identities.

If you haven’t seen any of the dramas on this list, be sure to check them out!
Also, let us know if you are a fan of ‘Oldies’ or if new dramas are your cup of tea!

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