Get to know Chae Soo Bin: her top 5 roles so far

Chae Soo Bin has been gaining much attention lately due to her popular role in I’m Not A Robot as Aji 3, a robot that looks exactly like a human, and Jo Ji A, an aspiring entrepreneur. But before she became Aji 3 and Jo Ji A, she went through a couple of roles too. Of course, there is no easy road when it comes to achieving dreams.

To know Chae Soo Bin more, we’ve gathered her top 5 roles in dramas that you should check out! If you’ve become a huge fan of hers, you will love all of them!

#1 Kwon Soo Ah (Sassy Go Go/Cheer Up, 2015)

Image Courtesy of KBS

Kwon Soo Ah is a member of the “Baek Ho” club and ranks #2 in school. Due to the pressure that her mother is giving her, all she does is study and is focused solely to get into the Ivy League. Because of that, she has forgotten the importance of friendship and relationship with other people.

In this drama, you might’ve hated her because she somehow plays the antagonist here since she doesn’t want to get disturbed with her studies.

#2 Crown Princess Jo Ha Yeon (Love in the Moonlight, 2016)

Image Courtesy of KBS

Jo Ha Yeon is the daughter of the influential Minister of Rites, therefore she was chosen to be the royal consort (Crown Princess) of Yeong (Park Bo Gum).

Though we barely see her in this drama, she played a good Crown Princess. Typically, we see a love triangle (or rectangle) where the girls does everything to get her man. But in here, Jo Ha Yeon is a bit different from them.

#3 Song Ga Ryung (Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People, 2017)

Image Courtesy of MBC via Dramabeans

Song Ga Ryung plays a faithful and devoted wife of Hong Gil Dong who is an activist. When her husband got killed by the King, she gets revenge by getting into the palace as an entertainer who entertains the King.

Such a beautiful drama! It truly is a masterpiece that everybody should watch. If we were to choose our favorite role of hers, we’d choose this anytime. She truly proves her dedication to acting in this one!

#4 Lee Dan Ah (Strongest Deliveryman, 2017)

Image Courtesy of KBS

Lee Dan Ah takes on different part time jobs to earn money so that she could leave the so called “Hell Joseon”. She plays a strong type of women who doesn’t let any man take her down.

A fun character of Chae Soo Bin that you might love. Her role in here is somewhat similar with her role in I’m Not A Robot.

#5 Ha Eun Soo (House of Bluebird, 2015)

Image Courtesy of KBS

Ha Eun Soo is Ji Wan’s (Lee Joon Hyuk) non-biological sister. Before she was employed in Nuga Global as a product designer, she used to work as a part timer in a pizza restaurant.

If you haven’t watched this yet, go watch it now. Though this drama has 50 episodes, but if you love Chae Soo Bin, there’s nothing that can stop you.

There you have it! We hope that you gained a little more knowledge about our Aji 3, Chae Soo Bin. Also, if you haven’t started I’m Not A Robot yet, you better start now or you’re missing out a lot of things! Let us know which role of Chae Soo Bin did you love the most in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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