Top Drama OSTs of 2017 that Get Us Grooving

Kdramas are sugar coated with beautiful OSTs and like every year, 2017 also brought us over-the-top music.

The following list includes OSTs of the dramas that began airing this year.

Here are our top 15 favourite picks, not necessarily in that order:

When Night Falls by Eddy Kim (While You Were Sleeping)

I need your love…I need you now….


What I Want by NiiHwa (Mad Dog)

Have you guys started tapping your feet yet? ‘This is what I Want’

Satellite by Salt n Paper (Chicago Typewriter)

Only Salt n Paper can pull off the mysterious tone of Chicago Typewriter.

Glass Bridge by Savina&Drones (The Bride of Habaek)

“Then we cross a bridge for

Over million troubles to meet

Nothing is easy

Nothing is easy”

Blooming Memories by Yerin Baek (Chicago Typewriter)

Slowly, Bloom In My Heart

You Are by Seung Hee (Temperature of Love)

This drama was pitch perfect with the right blend of musical instruments, just like its impressive cast.

It Has To Be With You (Temperature of Love)

Another melody from Temperature of Love. My Love…

Must Have by Jang Jae-in (Strongest Deliveryman)

A must-have track on your playlist. Fresh, appealing & not to forget, the beautiful voice of Jang Jae In.

Good Morning by Kassy (Fight For My Way)

The very famous ‘Goooood Morningggggggg’

Jinggigo (Queen For Seven Days)

Dear Cloud (Queen For Seven Days)

It so happens that if a drama’s execution is on the point, then so are its OSTs.

I Open My Eyes by Zitten (Just Between Lovers)

The year is ending with the beginning of this beautiful drama and its soul touching beautiful music.

Writing Our Stories (Chicago Typewriter)

Wind Song by Sohyang (Go Back Couple)

This song’s lyrics are thoughtful & a lesson for life.

No Matter How Hard I Try (Queen For Seven Days)

The song that brought them together–the tyrant King & future Queen.

Which are your favourites?

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