Unforgettable K-Pop Songs That Made Craze Around the World

K-pop songs’ popularity paves its way around the word continuously. K-pop singers such as solo artists or groups tend to release new comeback and songs every now and then, for them to be relevant and to secure their position in the music industry due to the undeniably high competition.

With their constant effort, most of them have successfully attracted and captured the hearts of many fans.

However, with so many Korean songs produced, there are only a handful of songs that stood out among the rest which hit the world by storm.

So, do you have in mind what these songs are?

Check below if you have danced/covered one of them:

“Nobody” by Wonder Girls

If you are a long time K-pop fan, would you ever forget this song? It was a legendary song bringing the Hallyu around the world. Different language versions of the song were created such as Mandarin, Japanese—- and English version which made history by entering the Billboard Hot 100 in October 2009, making them the 1st K-pop group to do so. They also topped the Hong Kong and Taiwan music charts and caused a dance craze around the world. Even famous celebrities have danced this song. So have you.

“Gangnam Style” by Psy

Five years after, Gangnam Style dance craze and covers plagued the internet. The song skyrocketed Psy’s fame. It even broke the YouTube site to upgrade its view counter because the music video’s number of views is no longer countable due to its popularity. Psy even stated and revealed the pressure he felt after Gangnam Style’s crazy success.

“Gwiyomi” by Hari

Subsequent to phenomenal “Gangnam Style”, the Gwiyomi craze hit the web. Jung Ilhoon from BtoB made the song popular by making a series of hand gestures and counting in a cute way which captivated the viewers. After the viral spread in South Korea, it rapidly reached the Southeast Asian countries creating a huge fanbase in the Philippines & Thailand, and it also began trending in many countries such as China, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan by recreating and uploading their own Gwiyomi cover.

“Ko Ko Bop” by Exo

This 2017, another K-pop song emerged and made everyone obsessed by dancing the newest craze—the Ko Ko Bop challenge. Young and old, Exo’s new song caught everyone’s attention. The hashtag #KokoBopChallege, was searched by more than 2 million and was mentioned 1,000 times on social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook according to the American trend analysis platform Brand 24 between the 8th and 9th of August, 2017. Its popularity has spread in several countries such as Peru, Bolivia, Russia, US, Europe and most of the Asian countries.

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