Visa-Free South Korea for PH, VN and ID until 2018

A good news for all of South Korean enthusiasts of Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia!
Temporary Visa-Free for hopeful visitors from the three Southeast Asian countries Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia to South Korea takes in effect as announced by the South Korean Government. The group of tourists from these three countries will be allowed.. come and enjoy the host city of Pyongchang until April 2018 if they enter through the regional airport of YangYang in Gangwon Province.

Image via pinoyseoul

On November 3, the South Korean government held a public-private meeting led by Deputy Prime Minister Kim Dong Yeon, and announced strategies to strengthen the country’s tourism industry and attract more tourists through the most-anticipated Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.
“We will speed up these projects and achieve tangible results by the end of the year. Additional challenges and challenges to be pursued over the medium to long term will be discussed at the National Tourism Strategy Meeting.”
Deputy Prime Minister Kim Dong Yeon
Additional, a tourism pass called Korea Tour Card will be offered by the Korean government to foreigners in order for the latter to receive discounts at different tourist facilities and on railway tickets in Pyeongchang and Ganeung areas. Group visitors from China may also get a discount in electronic visa commission fee until January 2018.
Try this Visa-free experience and explore Korea!
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