[WATCH] Rikimaru Chikada Choreographs EXO’s Music and more!

Rikimaru Chikada is a Japanese choreographer that has taught and taken dance classes all over the world. Here are 5 videos that show why you should know who he is, if you don’t yet!

Rikimaru Chikada Choreography to EXO’s Monster

Not only is his choreography to EXO’s “Monster” monster, but also literally in fire. The dance is extremely dynamic, featuring a plethora of complex movements. Not that it needs to be said, but when it comes to creating choreography like this or even learning it, one needs to have very good control of your body and be aware of how to isolate different parts of it.

To add on, we think Rikimaru’s choreography is actually better suited to “monster” than the actual dance that goes along with it. The very complex popping and isolation of the body make us feel this way. It appears that Rikimaru will actually become a monster due to the way his mind and body moves. Furthermore, his devilish stares and smiles add to the point the lyrics in the song is trying to make.

Rikimaru Chikada Choreography to EXO’s Ko Ko Bop

This choreography shows his goofy side. It also shows how good with kids he is; you can see his true happiness radiate from his smiles when he dances with the kids at the end. I think that’s the kind of teacher any beginner hopes for–one who actively helps his students reach their greatest potential. He’s a literal gem.

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Rikimaru Chikada / A Choreographer for Kpop

Here it is, HERE IS THE VIDEO THAT GOT US. Rikimaru is not an unknown force in the Kpop/Jpop world. He has choreographed for BOA, SHINee, Red Velvet, and Banana Lemon. And as you’ve seen, he was even seen dancing with BOA in her video for “Lookbook”.

The video shows that he clearly knows what he’s doing when it comes to choreography and that you can still be an adorable down to earth teacher after choreographing for big Hallyu stars. It shows as well how many different styles of dance he has conquered.

Rikimaru Chikada dancing to Sean Lew’s Mura Masa Choreography

This video right here! This is actually Sean Lew’s choreography but if you skip to 3:30 or wait until the third group, you’ll see Rikimaru completely dominate the choreography. You can even see him planning to dominate it in the beginning of the video as he is sitting and watching Sean perform it. That’s the one thing we love about Rikimaru Chikada: his confidence. He literally throws his whole entire body into the dance and you can see the choreography really affecting his emotions and body. That only shows how skilled of a dancer he is and how easy it is for him to pick up choreography.

Rikimaru Chikada and Junsun Yoo dancing together!

This is one of our favorites. Considering that you’ve already seen Riki dancing in an LA studio, it is no surprise to find him at Korea’s #1 dance studio (1MILLION). He actually guest teaches classes over there quite often.

This video speaks for itself.

And, there you have it! Five videos that prove Rikimaru Chikada is deserves acknowledgement. He also has an equally talented sister which you will soon hear about.

Bonus Video (featuring Yumeri Chikada):

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