Why Holland’s Debut Is Important

South Korea is notorious for having negative social attitudes towards LGBT people. The country has laws protecting transgender people but there are no laws protecting homosexual citizens. Contrary, there are even laws that are against homosexual activities between men. These laws are concerning the military service only. However, they are still laws that if acted against them, will have consequences. These restrictions led to a ‘gay witch hunt’ which led to the arresting of 32 gay men in the past year.

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But it is difficult times like this for LGBT Koreans which make the singer Holland’s debut important.

Holland – Neverland: Breaking Barriers for Sexual Minorities

On the 22nd of January, Holland released the music video for his song Neverland. The video reached over 1 Million views within just a couple of days. The song features Holland’s smooth baritone vocals on top of an alternative-R&B/Korean pop-ballad track. The video (directed by Seon-jin Lee) depicts the highs and lows of Holland’s relationship with his boyfriend (played by Young-shin Jo). It is set in the Neverland, which is described as the place of love, free from discrimination in his lyrics.

By releasing Neverland, Holland has the chance to change negative attitudes on sexual minorities in Korea. It also allows him to be an inspiration for LGBT K-pop fans both in Korea and around the world.

Holland’s debut paired with gay R&B singer Marshall Bang’s debut last year may be indicative of more emerging LGBT artists in the K-Pop Scene soon.

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